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Burlesque acts

Below are Chica Boom-Boom's current repertoire of performances available for booking

Song: "In These Shoes" - Kirsty MacColl


A classic burlesque act to modern music, "In These Shoes" is a sexy little number to show off Chica's ass-ets.

There'll be shimmying, there'll be shaking, expect to be smiling by the end of this act as her enthusiasm enthrals you.

Note: This act has been designed to walk through the audience and doesn't involve audience interaction.

Act can be modified to suit venue.

Song: "Black Magic Woman" (cover) - VCTRYS


A dark neo-burlesque piece to a cover of "Black Magic Woman", it's about this beautiful mystical woman, enchanting you, bewitching you with her body.


As she draws you in, she begins to transform and reveal herself.

Song: "Spider-Man Theme" - Michael Bublé


An ode to New York's favourite superhero, Spider-Man, in broadway jazz number with a bit of Charleston and Chica strips out into a Spidey costume and then into some Spidey theme pasties and undies.

Note: This act has been designed to end with hand thrown paper streamers into the audience

Song: "Smooth" - Santana ft. Rob Thomas


Proud of her Latina heritage and the Latin pop explosion of the late 90's, Chica's "Smooth" act will have sweating in your seat as she teases you with her bright orange boa in her beautiful tropical outfit.


Playing and seducing the boa, she'll make you wish you it was you, not the boa she's toying with.

Song: "Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You" - Led Zeppelin


Chica will take you on a very personal journey with her "Babe" act. After the sudden loss of her father and the complexities of the aftermath, she felt compelled to express her emotions through this performance piece.

Grief - Denial. Anger. Bargaining. Depression. Acceptance.

Chica will bring you up and down as she graces the stage with her Isis wings and takes you along her story of grief.

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